Three Things to Do for Yourself During a Divorce

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I feel that after two of these pesky situations, I am now an expert on divorce. Okay, okay, maybe not an expert but I definitely have some ideas, tips and advice that can help when you have to tackle the pain and stress that divorce (almost always) will bring. Divorce is often messy, with so […]

Hello and Welcome Back to Zaina Marie

Hello, hello, hello and Welcome Back to ZAINA MARIE!!! I’m so excited to finally start blogging again. Many years ago, I started to tell some of my story but a lot has changed since then and I’m looking forward to inviting you along on this journey. I don’t know what you will gain from it […]

The World is Crazy

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It’s a been a while, and yet, it has really only been two months. I’d like to forget the last few months have happened at all because the insanity of it is quite unbearable. But, I’m still standing…even though I’m overwhelmed, tired, shocked, hopeless, and a variety of other emotions all at once. There is […]

Well, It’s 2020

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It didn’t start off well…it just didn’t go as planned. I don’t want to get divorced. Seriously, I don’t. I want my husband to find the strength to fight this awful thing he is going through and come back to the family he belongs with. Yes, I do still believe in him BUT he doesn’t. […]

And Now This…

He’s moving. Moving to Huntsville, AL. Almost 700 miles away. And I get no say in this. What I feel doesn’t matter. What I want doesn’t matter. Our marriage doesn’t matter. He’s just running away and I’m here. And I don’t know what to do. We have spent so much time together since I last […]

Stop Walking on Eggshells – My First Audible

I must be defective. That was the only explanation I could think of for his behavior. Why did he act so loving one moment and then rip me to shreds the next? Why did he tell me I was talented and wonderful and then scream at me that I was contemptible and the cause of […]

I Feel Broken

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Trying to keep myself going with music but it’s not working.