In a world full of hate, be love.


The best job I have is being the mom of these two amazing little women.  We have shared so many laughs and fun times together.  They both have so much hope and love in their hearts and I’m filled with joy every day because I was chosen to be their mom!  We craft together and I’m excited we get to build a business as a family!


Becoming a mother helped me appreciate this wonderful, kind, and special woman even more.  Her sacrifices, her wisdom, her struggles, her love…what she has given me is greater than I could ever return.  She deserves the whole world and I pray I get the chance to give it all to her some day!  She is amazingly creative and instilled the love of crafting into me!  So thankful for this awesome woman I’m lucky to call Mom!!


I’ve been lucky enough to have the support of so may people in this life.  The oldest of three siblings, I have always enjoyed times good and bad with them.  Between the three of us, there are 7 grandchildren that area each incredibly unique in their own ways.  

I have friendships from so many of the walks of life I have traveled.  From elementary, middle, and high schools, church, pageants, college, neighbors, varying organizations, jobs, and more, the list of friends extends around the world at this point and the power of social media allowing us to still share experiences that keep us feeling connected.